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Aerospace & defense

The Aerospace & Defense industry faces a number of key challenges to ensure its continued success.  At Arthur D. Little,  we are able to help our A&D clients through a range of specific service offerings.

    Our global team serves companies in the civil aeronautics, defense and space industries. Our clients are leaders in their fields, and positioned along the entire value chain of the industry, from OEMs to technology and materials suppliers. They design and manufacture internationally recognized high-technology components and systems, and offer related services.


    We help our clients:


    Define optimal portfolio strategy to secure long-term growth

    Aerospace & Defense companies face intensifying competition and increasingly demanding clients.It is key for them to be able to anticipate key value creation drivers going forward, through – among others, an optimal understanding of market opportunities in core and non-core activities (new programs, adjacent segments…) and competitive threats (from traditional players or newcomers leveraging new technologies and/or business models).


    We support Aerospace & Defense clients with our proven strategic methodologies (e.g. Ambition-driven vs. Constraint-driven strategic approaches, Why Strategy), and enable them to identify the most value-creating positioning going forward, through differentiating offerings and associated technological roadmaps (including the impact of disruptive technologies such as digitalization).


    When external growth is identified as the best lever to capture market value, we support clients all along the investment cycle, from target identification to due diligence and post-merger integration processes.

    Adapt organizations to achieve long-lasting agility and effectiveness

    Combined pressure from clients and competitors, changes in business models, the introduction of new ways of working thanks to new technologies… require Aerospace & Defense companies to deploy ever more agile, efficient and effective organizations.


    We support our clients with proven approaches adapted to their challenges, from Root Cause Analysis (focusing on finding true reasons for underperformance instead of cures to symptoms), to Core Competence Analysis (helping define what is truly unique about a company), Organizational Design (defining and implementing the organization that fits best the company’s strategic purpose) and Change Management (with a focus on cultural issues).


    We thus enable Aerospace & Defense companies to achieve significant short- and long-term improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams, either at the company level (after a merger, an acquisition or a change in top management) or at a specific function level (e.g. R&D, Sales & Marketing).

    Leverage the breakthrough value-creation potential of technology (in-house and external)

    Innovation is a key lever to secure lasting competitiveness in the Aerospace & Defense sector, to differentiate within the established industry value chain and to face the increasing competition of emerging players.


    We support clients with innovation approaches that enable them to achieve growth (with our proven Growth Accelerator framework, identifying optimal technology/innovation platforms, as well as potential new business models), to manage cost and competitiveness (through value-based prioritization of their technological roadmaps), to develop agility (e.g. assessing the benefits to be derived from open innovation) or master emerging technological challenges (selecting the most promising emerging technologies and identifying the best sourcing strategy, in-house or external).


    Our proven Breakthrough Factory approach further enables clients to create “breakthrough innovations” in a fast and cost-efficient manner, which is all the more differentiating in technically complex and long-lifecycle industries such as Aerospace & Defense.

    Achieve sustainable operational excellence and go beyond

    The combination of steep volume ramp-ups, continued cost pressure and increased product complexity causes many Aerospace & Defense companies to suffer from severe problems in their operations. Late deliveries, quality issues, lack of leadership stability and inability to find sufficient qualified staff often occur simultaneously, causing overall stress and preventing throughput. 


    Through a series of successive LEAN events, we offer Aerospace & Defense companies a radical operations boost, increasing production output to targeted output while creating sustainably winning teams.


    We support Aerospace & Defense players in defining an industrial vision, selecting optimal manufacturing models and building a robust and agile supply chain in all geographies.


    Our proven Industry 4.0 approach enables clients to improve cost positions beyond incremental gains from traditional methods. By selecting the right set of new technologies for each operations function, double-digit savings can be reached, insuring a leading competitive position for years.