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China’s commercial aircraft take-off

Arthur D. Little looks at the recent development of the Chinese commercial aircraft industry

For the global aeronautical industry, China represents the largest commercial opportunity of the coming 10 years, and the biggest competitive threat for the decades to follow. Arthur D. Little reviews the development of the Chinese aeronautical industry, which recently accelerated with the...

Aerospace & defense, Travel & transportation

Iran: Ready for a telecom leapfrog

With growth factors aligned, Iran might be on the verge of a digital transformation

Globally the telecom industry has undergone rapid change, driven by an increasing share of data and ICT revenues for operators. Even though Iran still lags in fixed and mobile broadband development, there has been rapid growth in recent years.
We believe there is a sizable opportunity for...

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Executive Roundtable: Digitalization

Partnering approaches and how to benefit best

V. Executive Roundtable – Digitalization 

Technology & innovation management

Automotive Quarterly – Q4/2016

Die Ausgabe unseres Automotive Quarterly im April analysiert die Quartalszahlen Q4/2016 deutscher Hersteller sowie einer Referenzgruppe internationale

Zum letzten Quartal 2016 hin, haben sich Absatz und Umsatz weitergehend positiv entwickelt. Besonders erfreulich ist, dass sich insgesamt in den vergangenen zwölf Monaten eine Steigerung der F&E Quote (+5,6%) feststellen lässt.


The future of automotive mobility

Winning the power play in tomorrow’s radically changed automotive ecosystem

Automotive as it has evolved over the last 100 years is perceived by many as leading to massive problems over the world. Driven by wealth, urbanization and increasing car-park pollution and congestion, effects have increased globally and need to be addressed.


Arthur D. Little

Breakthrough enablers

Arthur D. Little is the first management consulting firm in the world. 

Beyond the best network operations!

How telecom operators can enhance network operations efficiency and customer experience

Current international industry trends predict mid-term reductions of profitability margins for telecom operators, in particularfor mature markets.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Automotive Quarterly – Q3/2016

Im dritten Quartal zeigen alle beobachteten Indizes sowohl auf Jahressicht als auch zum Vorquartal eine positive Entwicklung. Beim Blick auf die vergangenen zwölf Monate springt vor allem der STOXX Global 3000 mit insgesamt 11,6% Zuwachs ins Auge. Dabei profitiert er aber, wie auch leicht...


Major strategic choices ahead of TelCos: Reconfiguring for v

How digitalization will impact telecommunication operators’ configuration

The telecom industry is not in a stable state. In fact, due to the increasingly large strategic and technical option space, we expect operators to become more diverse. Within the next five years, the structure of operators will likely have changed significantly. This makes evaluating them, and...

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Telecom retail & consumer protection

Just a compliance challenge, or a differentiation opportunity?

Telecom players dedicate significant resources to complying with retail & consumer protection (RCP) regulation, having created complex horizontal processes and tools spanning several departments. Despite this, the complexity of the subject and the continuous flow of new rules often translate...

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)