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Future of batteries

Winner takes all?

Understanding the fast-evolving battery market
Utilities & alternative energy

Local content after a booming oil & gas cycle

Ambitions and limits of local content development

Is regulation the right recipe to enforce local content
Oil & gas

Building momentum – oil and gas in Latin America

Development of unconventional oil and gas resources

Executive summary
Oil & gas

Digitalisierungstrends im Gesundheitswesen

ConhIT Report: Das Gesundheitswesen birgt hohes Potential für Digitalisierungsinitiativen

Healthcare & life sciences

The Breakthrough Incubator

How to rapidly create and launch a new step-out business

Creating a new step-out business is not easy

Public services Technology & innovation management

Innovation through contracting in the oil and gas sector

How contracts with external partners drive innovation in the oil and gas sector

An increasing number of CEOs see innovation as a key lever for growth and critical to achieving sustained competitive advantage across the oil and gas sector.

Oil & gas Strategy, Organization & transformation

Automotive Quarterly – Q4/2017

Die regelmäßig berichteten Kenngrößen basieren auf veröffentlichten Finanzberichten sowie teilweise auf ergänzenden Quellen und Analysen. Die wesentlichen Ergebnisse für die Q4-Zahlen im Überblick:


Dead end approaches for high- sulfur fuels

Refiners’ time window shrinks - they need to act

Demand switch to low-sulfur fuels has been uneven across the globe, but environmental and engine regulations are pressing sulfur specs to extremely low limits. Refiners need to act accordingly since there will not be place to sink high-sulfur fuels anymore.

Oil & gas

Saudi Arabia: World leader in solar power?

Can KSA meet >50% of its electricity demand through solar?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has laid out an ambitious plan to modernize the country and move its economy away from its dependence on oil. A key part of this plan is to begin meaningfully tapping one of the country’s most abundant natural resources: solar power.

Utilities & alternative energy

Operations Management Periodical

Interview, Case Studies, Veranstaltungen und Solutions aus unserer Operations Management Practice

Mit dem Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) der Berner Gruppe haben wir ein Interview zur Zukunft der Logistik geführt. Die Berner Gruppe handelt B2B mit Verbrauchsmaterialien, Werkzeugen und Werkstattausstattung und bietet entsprechende Beratung und Serviceleistungen an.

Operations management