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Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Der deutsche Industrial-IoT-Markt 2017-2022. Zahlen und Fakten

Im internationalen Vergleich ist der deutsche Markt für Industrial-IoT hoch entwickelt und wird sich in den nächsten fünf Jahren mehr als verdoppeln, auf circa 16,8 Milliarden Euro Umsatz im Jahr 2022. Zu diesem Ergebnis kommt unsere gemeinsam mit dem eco – Verband der Internetwirtschaft e. V verfasste Studie. Die beiden stärksten Segmente sind die Automobilindustrie sowie der Maschinenbau: gemeinsam machen sie über 50 Prozent des gesamten Industrial-IoT-Marktes in Deutschland aus.

Datum: November 2017

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Retail network – Radical changes ahead

Retail network – Radical changes ahead

Dealers’ future business models need to evolve towards a mobility-solutions hub

Technological disruptions and new client needs are causing the automotive industry to evolve toward a model based on mobility services. Mobility on demand will become its greatest component, which will require transitioning from a product model to a service model. Therefore, dealers will need to develop new competencies and capabilities aligned with:

Datum: Oktober 2017

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The future of automotive mobility

The future of automotive mobility

Winning the power play in tomorrow’s radically changed automotive ecosystem

Automotive as it has evolved over the last 100 years is perceived by many as leading to massiveproblems over the world. Driven by wealth, urbanization and increasing car-park pollution andcongestion, effects have increased globally and need to be addressed.

Datum: März 2017

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The Truck Industry in the Middle East

The Truck Industry in the Middle East

Strategic growth opportunities in an underestimated region

Conventional wisdom in the truck industry is that the Middle East is mostly a budget-truck market, with a strong presence of Chinese manufacturers - but the reality is different.

Datum: September 2016

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The Automotive CO2 Emissions Challenge (Englisch)

The Automotive CO2 Emissions Challenge

2020 Regulatory Scenario for Passenger Cars

Oil dependency and climate change are topics highly debated by governments and communities, and as a consequence, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must define investments, control manufacturing costs and review their car portfolios constantly to cope with worldwide future challenges. To predict the future development of automotive CO2 regulations up to 2020, Arthur D. Little defined key trends and regulation stability in different countries.

Datum: Juli 2014

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The Struggle for Survival (Englisch)

The Struggle for Survival

Helping automotive dealers in enhancing business profitability through effective operational practices

The last years the European automotive industry has faced an unprecedented downturn dramatically impacting sales volumes and profit margins both at OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and automotive retailers' level. Despite analysts forecasting a rebound in 2014, sales volumes are not expected to be back at the pre-crisis level in the years to come. Until now OEMs and their NSCs (National Sales Companies) have reacted to the crisis by undertaking short-term tactical actions. Instead they should invest in more structural measures such as the rethinking of the distribution model and the restructuring of their retail network.

Arthur D. Little can support OEMs and NSCs in driving the change by both implementing Operational Excellence Programs to enhance dealer profitability in the short-term and reshaping the car distribution model for the years to come.

Datum: März 2014

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Spinning the Wheel Online (Englisch)

Spinning the Wheel Online

Online Transformation in the Automobile Industry

The internet has a massive impact on the customer behavior. Automotive clients research more than ever online before purchasing a car or arranging a repair. Manufacturers as well as retail are replying to these needs with increased multi-channel marketing and online customer care. Experience shows though, that the digital transformation potential is not fully tapped yet. In our study “Spinning the Wheel  Online”, experts of Arthur D. Little analyzed eight international markets, how online experience of customers influence the behavior in dealing with traditional automotive sales channels – as well as the latest strategies of manufacturers (OEMs and OES), dealers  and workshops addressing these changes. You will find five core recommendations how to improve your sales strategy respectively.

Datum: Januar 2014

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The Future of Urban Mobility 2.0 – Full study (Englisch)

The Future of Urban Mobility 2.0 – Full study

Imperatives to shape extended mobility ecosystems of tomorrow

By 2050 urban mobility will be one of the biggest challenges of cities around the globe. The second version of Arthur D. Little`s report on the “Future of Urban Mobility” delivers answers to the pressing issues of tomorrow. It includes an updated version of the Urban Mobility Index with an extended scope of 84 cities worldwide as well as an extended set of 19 criteria. It highlights what is holding cities back and identifies three strategic directions for cities to better shape the future of urban mobility.

Datum: Januar 2014

Datei herunterladen: 2014_ADL_UITP_Future_of_Urban_Mobility_2_0_Full_study_01.pdf (.PDF, 1.8 MB)

The €100 billion opportunity (Englisch)

The €100 billion opportunity

Transforming Electromobility Partnership Performance

Partnerships are key to innovating the electromobility ecosystem. However, the course of electromobility over the last years has not met expectations. Our new study on electromobility partnership performance reveals that only a minority of current partnerships display strong performance.

By analyzing top performing electromobility partnerships, we find that applying the right methodology can improve the likelihood of transformation and positive returns. We also identify key risks and success factors for partnerships during different stages in their development and provide guidelines to what measures should be undertaken to improve performance.

For stakeholders, a proactive stance is crucial; understanding current partnership performance, leveraging strengths and building new ones will be ‘make or break’ for partnership transformation. The €100 billion opportunity is there to be grasped.

Datum: Dezember 2013

Datei herunterladen: S-O_2013_The_100_billion_Euro_opportunity_01.pdf (.PDF, 3.0 MB)

The Future of Urban Mobility

The Future of Urban Mobility

Towards networked, multimodal cities of 2050

In 2010 lebten zum ersten Mal mehr Menschen in städtischen Ballungsräumen als in ländlichen Gebieten. 2050 werden 70% einer noch größeren Bevölkerung in Städten leben. Die Wirtschaftskraft der Welt kommt schon heute zu 80% aus den Städten - mit Trend nach oben.

Datum: Oktober 2011

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